Ancient Peruvian Textiles with Janice Lawrence

Janice Lawrence came to talk to us on Monday evening, 20 November 2017. Her talk was about the ancient textiles found in Peru, some dating back 12000 years. She also told us about the various people who had made them.

She first visited Peru in 1996 and became captivated with the designs and stitches.

It is remarkable that the textiles have survived so well but they have been preserved by the cold, dry Andean air.

Janice also talked about the techniques used to create the textiles, including twining and weaving. The indigenous people sourced the materials from cotton, sisal and animal fur. Thread was created using spindles and then worked on a loom.  They used natural dyes to colour the fabrics. It is here that the oldest example of indigo dyed fabric has been discovered.

Using cactus needles, they worked embroidered designs in loop stitch, stem stitch and detached buttonhole stitch. The textiles depicted condors, snakes, caimans and birds.

Janice also brought sketchbooks and examples of her own inspiring work to show us.

Thank you very much Janice, for coming to speak to us, it was a fascinating to learn how ancient people managed to produce such beautiful work involving such complicated techniques.

November Meeting and Workshop

Change of plan: Unfortunately our scheduled speaker, Jennifer Hughes is unable to join us but has asked a colleague, Janice Lawrence to come instead.
Janice will talk about Peruvian textiles and is bringing lots of samples with her to brighten up a wintery evening.

There will be some new stuff on the Sales Table including previous copies of Selvedge. The profits all go to Branch funds to enable us to have exciting speakers and workshops.

Don't forget to bring pieces for the Show & Tell and your Travelling Books if you are taking part.

October 2017 - AGM

The branch Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 16 October 2017. All went well, with most members of the committee agreeing to remain in post, with a couple of willing volunteers happy to join.

Afterwards, the banner that we had made in memory of Cindy Rose, one of our founding members, was displayed.   The final compilation looked wonderful and a big thank you must go to Helen and Christine for putting it together.

Helen and Eleanor were also thanked for holding a coffee morning, raising £90 for the Guild Collection and £20 from the sales table for branch funds.

The rest of the evening was very relaxed with Margaret, Hazel, Nicky, Jen, Morag, Ruth and Chris showing the group the ins and outs of soldering, stump work, free machine embroidery, Dorset buttons, Hardanger, gold work and ribbon work.

September 2017 Meeting and Workshop

On Monday 18 September our meeting was an in-house mini workshop where we made very small pin cushions, mounted on plastic bottle tops and decorated in coloured felts in a variety of styles, whilst we caught up with the news of the summer and the administration of paying our subs for the year.

We met up again on Saturday 23 September for our in-house workshop led by Christine, our branch co-chairman. She took us through the process of making beautiful bags in multi-coloured fabrics, incorporating pockets, zips and a lot of imagination.

The initial process was quite complicated but fortunately Christine was on hand to give us lots of encouragement and to make sure our seams and zips all went in the right way!

By the end of the afternoon we had produced a set of delightful bags, large enough for all our sewing bits and bobs but small enough to be a manageable size.

Thank you Christine for all your hard work in the preparation for the day. I know I can speak for all of us in saying how much we enjoyed it.

New Season

Back again after the Summer break - hope you had a good one.
Our first meeting is a Practical one so please bring your sewing kit, scissors, embroidery threads and any felt scraps you may have. Alternatively there will be a kit available for £1.
Subs are due and you get a £2 reduction if you pay this month. There are a few spaces on the coach  for the Knitting and Stitching Show on 15th  October and the final payment is required to secure your place.
Finally we have an 'In House' workshop on 23rd. A nice relaxing day sewing with friendly people!

Sewing About It: Our Inspiration with Jill Rose Brennan

On Monday 17 July 2017 we met up at Priory Hall for an inspiring talk from Jill Rose Brennan.

 Jill Rose started sewing at an early age, during summer holidays spent with her grandparents. Later she went to Goldsmiths College where her interests were in dress design and painting, leaving with a teaching degree. In 1989 she moved to Southampton and discovered quilting, which incorporated her love of drawing, painting and sewing.

She joined Joan York's New Forest Quilt Group and had a wonderful time developing her skills.

Jill Rose's studio is based in The Sorting Office in Eastleigh but also runs workshops at the National Needlework Archive, in Newbury.

She explained how she has developed her own work and her sewing techniques, including appliqué and machine and hand quilting. She told us that when working on large quilts she uses a wooden frame, with the fabric anchored in position. The sewing machine, on rollers, is moved over the fabric, rather than the other way round. As well as using a kaleidoscope of quilting methods, Jill Rose also dyes and monoprints onto fabric to enhance her designs.

Her beautiful work has been
nationally recognised and she won the Art Quilt trophy and Machine Appliqué Award at the National Quilt Championships for her quilt called 'The last Rays of Glorious Sunlight Before The Rest That Night time Brings'.

Jill Rose brought lots of examples of her work to show us and we were all amazed at her use of colour and the intricacies of her designs.

Many thanks Jill Rose, for coming to talk to us. It was a very inspiring and enjoyable evening.

Machine Embroidery Workshop with Marion Browning

On Saturday 24 June 2017, at Goodworth Clatford Village Club, we had a very enjoyable day with the very talented Marion Browning.

Marion showed us how, with just a few scraps of material, we could produce beautiful pictures of a cottage garden.

Marion provided us with kits of coloured fabrics which we layered to produce some dazzling effects. For some of us, machine embroidery was new skill to be mastered, but under Marion's excellent tutoring, we all produced work to be proud of.

Thank you Marion, for a super workshop, we all had a very enjoyable time. I think the photo below says it all!