October Meeting - AGM

We met at Priory Hall on Monday 15 October 2018 for our Annual General Meeting. Proceedings were conducted very efficiently by Alison and Janice. Reports were read and approved and members leaving the committee were thanked for their hard work. New members volunteered and were voted onto the committee - a very successful evening.

Lots of us had brought in items that we had been working on and our 'Show and Tell' table was bursting at the seams!

Many thanks to everyone for bringing in their work and thank you for the support you all gave to the committee to keep us up and running.

Eco Printing with Caroline Bell

On Saturday 22 September 2018, we all enjoyed a very instructive day with Caroline Bell learning to Eco Print.

Caroline first showed us how to use onion skins to give a variety of colours which we then altered using several different mordants.

We then learnt how to tightly wrap the silk pieces, with leaves, into bundles or around wooden poles and bind with string.

The bundles were then ‘cooked’ in a large saucepan. They looked very different when they came out of the pot but once unravelled were truly amazing. We even had a go at this process wrapping the silk around tin cans!

We experimented with a variety of leaves and flowers, finding out which ones worked the best, then used different mordants to change the dye colour and intensity.

We all finished the day with a lot of samples and the desire to go home and raid our gardens so we could carry on dyeing. 

A truly inspirational day from a very talented tutor. Thank you Caroline.

September Meeting 2018

September is the month for paying subs so we had an informal meeting with one of our members, Sarah Maddison, showing us how to develop ideas by using images from magazines, paint and tissue paper to create designs that can be converted into stitch.

Sarah brought some of her sketchbooks to show us and it was fascinating to see how she had laid out her research into a beautifully displayed and artistic design.

Some of us had brought cuttings from magazines, but Sarah had a large supply of pictures to share and amid the chatter we set to work. We tore and cut the images and using glue, ink and paint we spent a happy hour experimenting.

It's quite amazing what can be produced in such a short space of time. All you need is a little imagination!

Thank you Sarah, for showing us how to develop ideas with only a few of the simplest resources.

My Journey with a Sketchbook, Camera and Needle with Polly Woolstone

On Monday 16 July 2018, we were pleased to welcome Polly Woolstone, who gave us a talk on her travels with Sketchbook, Camera and Needle.

Following Art College where she studied Illustration and Graphics, Polly became an Art teacher for 35 years and only started travelling after her retirement.

Her first journey was to Ireland, riding a bike and raising money for charity. This was closely followed by bike rides from Bangkok to Saigon, India, Burma and then Bengal to the Arabian Sea.

All these places have influenced Polly’s work and she brought many samples for us to see and touch.

Her sketchbooks in particular were a delight and many of us will be looking at our own work with more inspiration.

Thank you Polly for a wonderful talk and good luck on your next bike trip, wherever it takes you.

July Meeting

At our last meeting before the summer break Polly Woolstone will be talking about her “Journey with a sketchbook, Camera and Needle”. A good way to find inspiration for your textiles.

Janice will be asking for the final payment for the Knitting & Stitching Show on Sunday 14th Oct. The trip will be open to non-members at the end of July so you need to book to make sure of your place.

Don't forget to let Sarah have photographs and words for your exhibition entries and most important the Insurance Form. These have to be sent to HQ beforehand. How about bringing something to share with everyone - anything finished or you are working on.

Soldering Iron Workshop with Margaret Beal

On Saturday 23 June 2018 we met up at Goodworth Clatford Village Club for a very enjoyable day with Margaret Beal, who taught us how to incorporate using a soldering iron into our textile work.

Margaret showed us the techniques she uses and we all produced 3 to 4 samples, using brilliantly coloured organzas.

After a very quick lunch, because no-one want to stop, as we were having too much fun, Margaret showed us how to produce landscape pictures using the same techniques.

Many thanks Margaret for such an interesting workshop and a super day. We all learned so much.