Christmas Social 2018

We all met up on Saturday 8 December 2018 at the village hall in the Weyhill Fairground for a relaxing get together, interspersed with stitching,
nattering and eating. Everyone brought a plate of food to share and the committee provided us with drinks and a stitching project. This turned out to be a bubble pod.

This year, having been asked to bring 2 fat quarters, needles and threads, we were given a pattern to follow.  It looked quite complicated. However, most of us have learnt rule 1 of sewing - read the instructions!

We started working, fortified by mince pies, sausage rolls and lots of tea and coffee. Gradually quilting designs began to evolve and some of us were brave enough to start cutting around the template!

We knew we would be finishing the bubble pod at home, as machine stitching was involved, so this enabled us to work at a steady pace and not to rush.

This small pod will be very useful for holding all sorts of bits and bobs and I have to say, mine is nearly finished!

Thank you very much to all the committee for organising such a relaxing and enjoyable day and to everyone who attended and joined in the fun.

Anne Hellyer - How Did I Get Here!

We met at Priory Hall on Monday 19 November 2018 and were given a talk by Anne Hellyer, our chairman and textile artist.  Anne spoke about her background, coming from a family of 'makers' and told us how she developed a passion for stitch. She went to Fareham College to study for the City and Guilds qualification and after leaving, stills meets up with fellow students.

Anne spends part of the summer each year near the coast in France and enjoys getting inspiration from the local area. She doesn't take her sewing machines but uses her hand-made sketchbooks to record  her surroundings and from this starting point develops the work when she in France and on her return.

She is particularly interested in architecture which explains the number of buildings in a lot of her work!

Anne's work is quite amazing and refreshingly original. Thank you Anne for a very entertaining evening.

We were in for another treat at the weekend, as on Saturday 24 November 2018, Anne held a workshop for us in Goodworth Clatford Village Club. This proved very popular and the hall was bursting at the seams with stitchers, sewing machines and brilliant ideas!

Under Anne's guidance, we spent a happy day doing what we like best - becoming totally absorbed with fabric and stitch. Based on a theme of architecture by the sea our resulting work was varied and delightful.

Many thanks Anne for two inspiring sessions, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

October Meeting - AGM

We met at Priory Hall on Monday 15 October 2018 for our Annual General Meeting. Proceedings were conducted very efficiently by Alison and Janice. Reports were read and approved and members leaving the committee were thanked for their hard work. New members volunteered and were voted onto the committee - a very successful evening.

Lots of us had brought in items that we had been working on and our 'Show and Tell' table was bursting at the seams!

Many thanks to everyone for bringing in their work and thank you for the support you all gave to the committee to keep us up and running.

Eco Printing with Caroline Bell

On Saturday 22 September 2018, we all enjoyed a very instructive day with Caroline Bell learning to Eco Print.

Caroline first showed us how to use onion skins to give a variety of colours which we then altered using several different mordants.

We then learnt how to tightly wrap the silk pieces, with leaves, into bundles or around wooden poles and bind with string.

The bundles were then ‘cooked’ in a large saucepan. They looked very different when they came out of the pot but once unravelled were truly amazing. We even had a go at this process wrapping the silk around tin cans!

We experimented with a variety of leaves and flowers, finding out which ones worked the best, then used different mordants to change the dye colour and intensity.

We all finished the day with a lot of samples and the desire to go home and raid our gardens so we could carry on dyeing. 

A truly inspirational day from a very talented tutor. Thank you Caroline.

September Meeting 2018

September is the month for paying subs so we had an informal meeting with one of our members, Sarah Maddison, showing us how to develop ideas by using images from magazines, paint and tissue paper to create designs that can be converted into stitch.

Sarah brought some of her sketchbooks to show us and it was fascinating to see how she had laid out her research into a beautifully displayed and artistic design.

Some of us had brought cuttings from magazines, but Sarah had a large supply of pictures to share and amid the chatter we set to work. We tore and cut the images and using glue, ink and paint we spent a happy hour experimenting.

It's quite amazing what can be produced in such a short space of time. All you need is a little imagination!

Thank you Sarah, for showing us how to develop ideas with only a few of the simplest resources.