Developing the Hadron Collider Series and Beyond with Kate Findlay

Last Monday we enjoyed an inspirational talk from Kate Findlay. She grew up in Andover so coming back was quite a trip down Memory Lane!

Kate explained that she had taken a degree in Carpet and Textile Design and having worked in the industry, after 4 years decided to retrain as a teacher in Art and Technology and hasn't looked back since!
In 2008 she read an article about the Hadron Collider and was struck by the colours and shapes that were displayed in the images and this inspired her to starting working on her own version!

Kate started working on 60 cm square quilts and gradually increased them in size. Each quilt is worked in sections and she uses a variety of fabrics, including silks, synthetics and anything shiny. The fabrics are ironed onto bondaweb and then stitched in place.

In 2010 Kate took a sabbatical from teaching to work on the large pieces. Each piece took between 2 - 3 months to complete, working on it 5 days a week.

This beautiful work has been stitched with fibre optic cables.

In the dark, the picture comes alive with a constantly changing light show.
Thank you Kate for a very enjoyable evening, your work is inspirational!