Creative Collage Workshop with Jae Maries

Basingstoke Branch EG are running a workshop on Tuesday 15 April 2014, from 10.00 am - 3.30 pm, at Popley Fields Community Centre.  Cost £25 for members, £35 for non-members.  Please bring your own lunch, tea and coffee will be provided.

Aim: to break loose by tearing, ripping and cutting fabrics to free those inhibitions and create a series of fabric collages with an emphasis on exciting colour relationships.  These experimental pieces can be further developed with hand and/or machine stitching.  The colour themes are:  drama, energy, earth colours and calmness.  Each heading will highlight a different aspect of colour and how to use it effectively.  During the day, students will probably investigate 3 out of the 4 headings and are encouraged to use their own resource material.

Further information can be obtained from