Flower Pounding with Linda Rudkin

The morning of 21 June started early with a tour round the garden, picking brightly coloured flowers and intricately shaped leaves. At a leisurely 9.30 am we met in Goodworth Clatford Village Club, equipped with hammers and flowers for an adventure into the unknown.

None of us quite knew what to expect but Linda took us through the process of extracting pigment from flowers and leaves, to produce beautiful designs for embellishment and stitch.

We spent the rest of the morning experimenting with a variety of flowers, hammering away!  It has to be said that Chris was very enthusiastic!

It was fascinating to see how some of the colours changed dramatically as the pigments were transferred from petal and leaf to cloth.

                                                                    The afternoon session was much quieter, which was a relief!  Linda showed us how to trap fresh flowers between cotton and chiffon and we were delighted with the results.  

Considering we all started from the same point it was amazing to see how each of us managed to produce such differing results.

Thank you Linda for a great day, we all really enjoyed the workshop, I think our happy smiling faces say it all!