Stumpwork with Lorna Bateman

A fairly large group of us, including several members of other local branches, enjoyed a lovely day with Lorna Bateman doing Stumpwork on Saturday 14 February. We were a mixed bunch of complete novices and experienced hand stitchers, but Lorna's clear instructions and patient manner brought out the best in us.

She provided a pack with all the 'ingredients' from which we started by covering small beads, using single threads, for cotoneaster seeds. 

Patience was needed to ensure the threads were lying flat and the wooden bead was entirely covered. A few stitches on top transformed it into a realistic berry!

Lorna taught us the basics for two forms of raised leaves, with wire edgings, so that we could complete our 'arrangements' at home. As the day went on, so our confidence grew and we all left with the enthusiasm to attempt more pieces of our own.

 Many thanks, Lorna for a very enjoyable and stimulating day.