Screen Printing with Alison Hulme

What an enjoyable time we had last Saturday with Alison Hulme, ably assisted by our own Anne Moore. Alison took us through the processes involved in screen printing and then the magic began. We all chose different thermofax screens from the vast selection that Alison had brought with her and set to work designing on fabric, with some amazing results.

This is just a small sample of the wonderful designs we produced. With Alison's advice, we combined colours and designs to great effect.

In the afternoon, Alison introduced us to Gelliplates and we all set off on another adventure of colour and imagination. We gathered round to watch as Carol's design was revealed ... fabulous!

After the design was printed on fabric, it was then reprinted on paper.
Thank you Alison, for a wonderful day and also thank you to Anne for her help with washing a constant supply of mucky screens!