Hats Don't Suit Me with Ros Liddington

Ros Liddington

What an entertaining evening we had on Monday 18 May 2015 with Ros Liddington!

Ros arrived, laden down with hats of every description, some modern and sophisticated and others evoking the style and elegance of the 40's, 50's and 60's, each with a story to tell.

Ruth looking well above average!
Ros explained that she grew up in a world where 'everyone made things' and that her mother had been a teacher at Salisbury College teaching sewing and village crafts. Her childhood was filled with sewing threads and fabrics.

Ros started by measuring our heads and explained that hats are made for an average-sized head. We soon discovered that many of us were far from average! An average-sized head looks very good in a hat. This probably explains why some us feel that hats don't suit us.

Dee looking very glamorous!

Ros went on to tell us how hats are made and the different type of materials involved. For example, banana leaves and paper are commonly used. She then explained the processes involved in millinery and how hats can be accessorised.
Joy in a hat she made herself, waiting for a sunny day!

Anne evoking the 1920's
Nicky dressed up for a wedding!

Teresa in the style of a young Queen Elizabeth!

Ros found hats to suit us all, as you can see from the pictures! She also gave us tips and advice on how to make a hat fit properly. So I think it's fair to say that 'Hats Do Suit Us'!

Many thanks Ros, for a super evening. I think the smiles on our faces say it all!