Constructing Lacy Fabrics with Anne Sillifant

We all enjoyed a wonderful day with Anne Sillifant on Saturday 20 June 2015 at Goodworth Clatford Village Club.

Anne took us through the different types of soluble fabrics available and how to make the most of them. She brought some beautiful examples of her work which were an inspiration to us all.

After Anne had explained how to get the best use from the solubles, we set to work using layers of Aquabond 2 and Guiletta.

Some of the group already had ideas as to what they wanted to produce whilst others experimented with threads and fabrics.

The day passed in a flash as we all worked away, hardly allowing time to stop for lunch!

At the end of the afternoon we gathered round to show each other our work and Anne kindly talked to each of us about our designs, giving us advice and words of encouragement.

Many thanks Anne for a super day, we had a great time and were delighted with what we achieved in such a short space of time.