Appliqué Machine Embroidery with Caroline Kirton

We met on Saturday 21 November 2015 for a very enjoyable workshop with Caroline Kirton.

She started by introducing herself and giving us a brief outline of her career to date. Having graduated with an Applied Arts degree in 2008, specialising in textiles, she has brought together many techniques to create her unique style of machine embroidery.

Her inspiration comes from living with teenagers! She works from sketches and develops backgrounds using screenprint and paints.

Using a combination of paper, bondaweb and fabrics, she creates her artwork which she describes as snapshots of life, that hopefully will make the viewer smile.

We were certainly very amused at the samples of her work that she brought to show us. She captures real life perfectly.

We had been asked to arrive with ideas for our own work and after Caroline explained the techniques involved, we got started.

By the end of the day we all felt very satisfied with what we had achieved.

Many thanks, Caroline for a super day, we all learnt new techniques and brushed up on some old ones!