Hats Do Suit Me with Ros Liddington

On Saturday 25 June 2016, a group of us met up at Goodworth Clatford Village Club to explore the world of hat making. Ros Liddington talked us through the processes of choosing styles and colours to suit everyone. Then the fun began!

Ros showed us how to manipulate sinnamey and gave us guidance on how to develop our ideas.

Hat making was a new experience for most of us and knowing where to start was the first problem!

We tried out various designs on paper and then rummaged through Ros's supply of hat making materials to complement our initial sketches.

The morning passed very quickly ... and quietly, as we worked at learning the new techniques, but everyone was very pleased with their final results.

Following an impromptu fashion show, we were all delighted with our efforts. Thank you Ros, for a super day, we all learned new skills and were given good advice on how to choose a hat to suit our face shapes and complexions.