September Meeting and Workshop 2016

We met up on Monday 19 September, after our summer break, to catch up on news, pay our subs and do a little stitching. It was an in-house evening and we were given the choice of stitching bullion knots or embroidering onto printed leaf motifs.

I'm not sure much stitching was done, but there was certainly a great deal of chatter!

Busy stitching pebbles!
On Saturday 24 September we met up for an in-house workshop, at Goodworth Clatford Village Club, and we all worked on Plush Pebbles, based on an article in Stitch magazine, Issue 98. Everyone chose different colour schemes and had varying ideas as to what the finished fabric would be used for; bags, wall hangings, purses and so on. We cut out and arranged the 'pebbles' beforehand, as this was a very time-consuming process and spent the day engrossed in circles of fabric which turned into some beautiful designs.

It was a lot of hard work but great fun and we were all delighted with the results!