Tuck into Twiddles and Fiddles with Jennie Rayment

We met up on Monday evening (16 January 2017) for a very enjoyable and entertaining evening with Jennie Rayment.

Unfortunately Jennie was recovering from laryngitis so had very little voice. However, she adapted her talk to a workshop and as well as admiring all her beautiful work, we had the opportunity to try out some of her techniques.

The work Jennie brought to show us was mainly in calico which allows each piece to clearly highlight all the intricate tucks and folds which are a key feature of her work.

Jennie's explanation of her techniques, by mime and demonstration, were very easy to follow as she showed us how she has developed her ideas. It was all looking so straight forward until it was our turn to have a go!

Having already watched how to make tucks, interlocking squares, petal pattern and crossed tucks we all set to work creating an origami twist. Jennie was on hand to make sure that we were all twisting in the same direction, and with a little bit of luck and varying degrees of skill, we all produced some very acceptable results.

Thank you Jennie, for giving us a super evening. Although the occasion was tinged with sadness at the loss of our friend Cindy, you certainly helped to cheer us up and had us all chatting and laughing, so once again, many thanks.