Saori Weaving with Amanda Edney

Amanda Edney, a Saori weaver, was our speaker at our evening meeting on Monday 20 March 2017. Saori weaving is a Japanese technique. Amanda explained how she had lived in Japan for three years and had become interested in textiles. On her return she studied weaving and then returned to Japan to enrol on a Saori weaving course, to become a registered Saori instructor. Saori weaving allows the weaver to be very creative as there are few restrictions on what can be incorporated into a piece of cloth. The philosophy behind the technique encourages the weaver to be individual, bold and adventurous in their designs.

A shell incorporated into the design

Amanda is currently Artist in Residence at the Whitchurch Silk Mill and gives demonstrations and runs workshops.

Amanda brought a small loom with her and she demonstrated the technique and some of us 'had a go'.  Many thanks, Amanda, for a very enjoyable and entertaining evening. You certainly encouraged our interest in weaving and I'm sure some of us will enrol on one of your workshops.