Stories in Stitch with Anne Griffiths

On Monday 15 January 2018 Anne Griffiths came to talk to us about her delightful work.

Anne began by showing us her hexagon quilt which she started when she was ten and explained how each piece of fabric held its own story and memories.

She talked about her design work and how she has been inspired by text and has used this theme throughout her work.

She explained the various techniques she uses to create her distinctive and original work. Anne enjoys recycling fabrics to create new pieces and showed us a beautiful set of miniature kimonos she had made from recycled shirts.

As well as being involved in community projects, Anne showed us some of her work from her Alice in Wonderland exhibition, which has been displayed in Cumbria and Oxfordshire.  It was wonderful to see the detail and precision in Anne's work and listen to her explanations on the processes she uses. 

Many thanks Anne, for coming to visit to us and for giving us such an enjoyable and inspiring evening.