Materials and Techniques with Angie Hughes

Angie Hughes came to talk to us on Monday 19 March 2018. She brought lots of examples of her work to show us and pieces were passed round during her talk so that we could see the details and intricacies of her work.

The first embroidery she showed us was of a poem stitched onto a background of curtain interlining that had been painstakingly worked on to look like cobbles. It had been made for the Ledbury Poetry Festival in 2000. Angie explained how she achieved such a wonderful effect.

Angie then told us of the techniques she uses in her work, including funky foam printing and machine embroidery. She enjoys using whip stitch and cable stitch and introduced us to Wonderfil spaghetti thread. She also uses freezer paper to block out sections of a design so that different colours can be applied to the same surface.

An example of Angie's vivid imagination was demonstrated in the sample to the right. It is made from a Ferrero Rocher wrapper, turned into a checkerboard and then embroidered further.
Angie then went on to talk about working on black and white velvet. She uses spray paints, ink and bleach to create a magical effect. Her artwork is enhanced with the application of stencils, foiling, bondaweb and organza. Afterwards she adds machine embroidery.

Thank you so much Angie for coming to talk to us. Your talk was very informative and enjoyable, and it was a pleasure to be able to examine the details of your work in the pieces that were passed round.