Silk Painting Workshop with Helen Mortimer

On Saturday 21 April 2018 we met up at Goodworth Clatford Village Club for a silk painting workshop with Helen Mortimer. Helen had come to speak to us on the previous Monday so we were all very excited about trying out her techniques for ourselves.

She started by introducing us to the products she uses and the effects that can be created by using wet and dry silk.

We started by stretching the silk over wooden frames and then experimented by adding colour. Helen then showed us how adding salt to the silk would concentrate the colour as the silk dried. We started to work and were delighted with the emerging designs. She then showed us how a drop of alcohol would disperse the colour.

Of course the time soon whizzed by and by lunchtime we all had a few pieces ready to be steam-fixed. Fortunately Helen had brought a steamer with her, so we ate our lunch with the steamer gently gurgling in the background!

In the afternoon we worked on patterns and were shown how to use gutta as a resist.
Many thanks Helen, for a super workshop.  We are all delighted with the designs we managed to produce, as you can see from our smiling faces.