Eco Printing with Caroline Bell

On Saturday 22 September 2018, we all enjoyed a very instructive day with Caroline Bell learning to Eco Print.

Caroline first showed us how to use onion skins to give a variety of colours which we then altered using several different mordants.

We then learnt how to tightly wrap the silk pieces, with leaves, into bundles or around wooden poles and bind with string.

The bundles were then ‘cooked’ in a large saucepan. They looked very different when they came out of the pot but once unravelled were truly amazing. We even had a go at this process wrapping the silk around tin cans!

We experimented with a variety of leaves and flowers, finding out which ones worked the best, then used different mordants to change the dye colour and intensity.

We all finished the day with a lot of samples and the desire to go home and raid our gardens so we could carry on dyeing. 

A truly inspirational day from a very talented tutor. Thank you Caroline.