Print and Stitch with a Variety of Threads with Fay Maxwell

We met up at Priory Hall, Love Lane on Monday 21 January 2019, for an inspiring talk given by Fay Maxwell. Fay explained how she started out by mixing and matching fabrics, combining layering and slashing. However, her work is now more focused on creating smaller hand-stitched pieces, incorporating bright colours with traditional stitching.

Fay layers differing weights of fabrics, such as silk velvet, felt, wool and denim to create textures. She then stitches using a mix of threads including tapestry wools, perlĂ©, ribbon and stranded cotton.

As well as explaining how she combines textures and colours to produce her delightful designs, Fay also showed us samples of cushions, mirrors and pictures.

Many thanks Fay, for giving us a fascinating insight into your work. We are looking forward to the workshop you are giving us in February, the time can't pass quickly enough!