Land Lines, Drawn Lines and Stitch Lines with Amanda Hislop

On Monday 17 June, textile artist Amanda Hislop came to talk to us about her beautiful work. She lives in Oxfordshire and her studio is a summerhouse in her garden.

Amanda has always had a love for painting. She originally trained as a weaver and later went on to work as an art teacher. Now she works as a textile artist, exhibiting her own work, giving talks and running workshops.

She draws her inspiration from landscapes and seascapes and suggested that a good starting point was to 'paint what you know'.

She creates sketchbooks, recording her ideas and observations with a fountain pen, before moving on to fabric, paper, stitch and paint, working in subtle colours. She uses a variety of fabrics and paper, which she prepares for painting and stitch. Working in layers of fabric, paper, paint and stitch, Amanda transforms her sketches into wonderful glimpses of her surroundings.

Amanda is a member of the Prism group of textile artists and the Oxfordshire Craft Guild.

Thank you very much Amanda, for coming to talk to us. It was inspiring to see your wonderful work. We are all looking forward to the workshop on Saturday, when we hope to learn a few of your amazing techniques.